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Tfw ur V does the monthly thing

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Its 5am and i feel like trash

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I’m the wanted Sphinx Number 1. I’ve come to turn myself in.

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Happy brothers after being rescued from a circus [video]

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★ M A K E   M E   C H O O S E

Yato or Yukine - request by: melodychanges

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this is such a good game although im not sure what im doing other than button mashing but i love beating up other characters as rocket and amaretsu and phoenix wright. yes.

Don’t…Don’t make it sound like tossing to me was a mistake!

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i just beat iron man by sneezing as Phoenix wright


"The raccoons the king of the beasts. Screw lions."

wow rocket


The collected escapades of Space Cat

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a print i was supposed to do for tracon but i never finished it in time…. oh well there’s always the next con

sorry for not been submitting anything lately i’ve been super busy until now!!

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