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i wish i had the writing ability that i used to


Today, the 29th of July, is International Tiger Day. It was founded in 2010 at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit in Russia, to draw worldwide attention to the severely declining native populations of tigers and their ecosystems, as well as the organisations who are working to save them.

To date, just  over 3,000 tigers still survive in the wild, and despite there being a strong international effort to protecting them,  they are still heavily threatened from poaching, habitat destruction, confrontation with humans and being sold on the illegal wildlife trade market. 

For more information on tigers, their current plight or to find out how you can help, please visit these organisations:

(Photo by dickysingh)

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anyways rp isnt rlly working out b/c no one else is on at 1am gfdgfh so i queued some stuff on psyaichi’s blog and made a few posts.

ill prolly get to bed now

actually psyaichi has gotten a little better about not being so embarrassed and nervous about affection like he’s more okay with hugging now as long as it’s someone he’s close to. he’s still p embarrassed over kisses tho whether they’re on the lips or cheek or forehead he still just turns red. unless it’s a kiss with someone like super,super close to him then he’s chill.

malchedael said: paps his cheeks and gives him a kiss (if he lets m)

he’s v blushy about it but he will allow the kiss

rlly feelin psyaichi rn so i might get on his blog instead of sleeping rn

Tryin to figure out if someone remade or thats a second blog

Also pls watch yokai watch

Its really cute and funny. Admittedly not as plot based as inazuma or danball so its not really serious or anything but the characters are all really likable and fun.

Watch inazuma eleven


散歩いこ? by ぱてこ

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Cynthia no

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Here Nawth I know you like them blue-eyed redheads. Tried to make it easy(?) enough to redraw.

(shaded and flat version)

**lines by Nawth**

AHHHHHhh I love him !! [screeches from the high heavens]

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(Source: storsi)

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Brotherly Love by purplekecleon

Okay, I know this is like 3 years old, but I was looking back on it and I’d been thinking a lot lately about the black cat there who I no longer own. So I guess I’d like to share this again.

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i am convinced 90% of tumblr’s messages go missing because they are digital food for a sentient A.I.